does this go into everyone's blueberry?
Mako Mori- super quick painting before I collapse into bed for the night. :3

Mako Mori- super quick painting before I collapse into bed for the night. :3

Editor’s Day went really well! Now I’m in the middle of finishing penciling six comic pages for a class… But for now, have some Benny goodness.

(Or weirdness, whichever)

1) I got the Benny retractable pen from Toys R Us! It took me two days of calling them and searching, but I got it! I even bought a spare for backup. 

2) Uhhh I don’t know, some really loose doodles of Benny. He’s inside a space station and he ate too much freeze dried ice cream- His poor suit couldn’t take it! The other astronauts laughed at him so he curled up and cried. 

In a rare bout of procrastination and being just generally not in a good headspace… I needed a push. 

Cue mudora who is My Hermann (tm) (photo of her with me in that post):

She texted me the following message:

-Newton geiszler - you have a report due at four hundred
-many lives depend on it
-We have a fresh kaiju to get samples from and without your work, we cant do it - don’t fret over it, just get your write up done so the grunts can do their work
-After that, you will have all the samples you could care to play with!

-What was that rabble you said, fortune favors the brave?

-I need time to gather my notes but you… You can do anything.

Jeez, alright alright! I’ll do it, Hermann….


happy birthday, sergeant-angua!!!

Adorable! And happy Birthday!!! :D


happy birthday, sergeant-angua!!!


Adorable! And happy Birthday!!! :D

When they reset the clock, the entire Shatterdome erupted. But no one expected that the only passionate kiss that day would be between Doctors Gottlieb and Geiszler on the bridge. Based on the famous V-J Day kiss photograph! :)

So it’s zero hour for me, guys. My plans to draw more fan art keep getting pushed back due to assignments and other happenings, but it’s for the best- I’ve got two appointments this weekend to see editors from Viz Media and Boom Studios, so wish me luck. :) I scribbled this drawing during a break last weekend, and you can still see some of my notes on logging my work sessions there. I want to finish this and color it with a full background, but it’ll have to wait a little bit longer. So for now, please enjoy this sketchy quick WIP! 

I am curious to watch this cartoon now. This looks adorable!!! 

I am curious to watch this cartoon now. This looks adorable!!! 

I swear by all that is good in this world that when I finish the 22 pages of thumbnails and get through my appointments on editor’s day… I will draw and write a heap of Newmann smut. *stares intensely*

Does anyone want Benny smut? Because I’ll go there, but you might not like it. You might not like it at all. 

Some photos I took back in November of 2009 during a trip to the Smithsonian’s National Air and Space Museum in DC. I’d forgotten about these and found them while perusing an old external hard drive!

I included a pic of me in here because yeah. I wore my Space Battleship Yamato red arrow shirt. Hell yeah, Kodai Susumu! 

Weeeeeelllp, my wrist and hand hurt badly and my finger feels bruised from gripping the pencil- I really must get better at those wrist and finger stretches. That’s enough work for today. Now for the late dinner of champions: RAMEN.


Also I have a surprise in the way of Newmann stuff…scribbled down the idea today while taking a short break. I’m really giddy and excited about it, it’s actually hard not to spoil it and go and just post the unfinished version but NO, I WILL WAIT, and I will finish it and I hope the end result will be as glorious as it is in my mind. 0>0

I just… for a second here, can I talk about why I won’t be posting anything in the next few days? This is a project I’m working on for grad school, and here you can see the scale of how tiny each panel actually is. I’m NOT good at drawing small, and I need to draw tight roughs. 

For reference those are three sets of thumbnails for the story- Revised and re-drawn three times over. So yeah. It’s a great challenge, but damn do I hate drawing teeny tiny. And drawing teeny tiny PLUS tight? Yikes. Wish me luck, tumblr friends! At least I am getting an early start so I don’t die on Sunday night/Monday morning. ;)

When I start publishing my own comics with my own stories and characters, can I at least count on you guys here to be my market? <3

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